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ad9389b initiate authentication

Question asked by cdb on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by cdb

We use the AD9389B in several of our products.  We have a customer who is concerned about how the AD9389B handles initiating authentication for HDCP.  When bit 7 and bit 4 of register 0xaf are set to 1 the AD9389B initiates authentication by first reading the BKSV, then reading the BCAPs, then writing the An, and then writing the AKSV.  The problem is that the HDCP 1.4 specification says that the proper procedure is to write the An, then write the AKSV, then read the BKSV and the repeater bit.  The AD9389B appears to be doing this out of order.  Can you tell me if this is a problem and what can be done about it?