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Simulation AD8027 in LTspice

Question asked by GBnet on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by Emman.A

Hi all,


I would like to simulate a circuit with AD8027 in LTSpice. I have already downloaded the Spice model *.cir and included it in the LTspice library.


In my schematic AD8027 has the component number 'U3'


When I start the simulation with "startup" condition LTSpice seems not to be able to find an interative solution, in the bottom line it says 'Trying to find solution with sources off...', a jumping number of iterations follows.


Starting without "startup" condition leads to the following error: 'Singular matrix: check nodes u3:23 and u3:82   Iteration No.2'


It looks like LTSpice doesn't understand the AD8027 model in the right way. Does anyone know whether there is a way to solve such a problem?


Thank you!