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ADV7623 Output Video During HDCP Negotiation Failures

Question asked by JeremyM on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by JeremyM

Hello -


I am attempting to manually mute the output of the ADV7623 when an HDCP error occurs (e.g. when the sink does not support HDCP).  The I2C errors are occurring as expected, and I am able to manually mute the output to 'red', but only after I disable the HDCP process (HDCP desired false, frame false).  As soon as I turn HDCP back on, the screen immediately turns black while HDCP negotiation starts up again (and constantly fails in this case).


I would like to keep the ADV7623 output manually muted red the entire time HDCP negotiation is taking place - even if its failing.  Is this possible?  Also, what causes the black output - is this default behavior of the 7623?  Is the color changeable?  During the failure when black is visible, I see that the CP map register 0xBF is 0x1E, indicating that the blackout is set - clearing the blackout bit doesn't change anything.