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Huge ADIS16480 gyroscope in-run bias

Question asked by anatolyb on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2013 by NevadaMark
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According to the datasheet, in-run bias does not exceed 6 degrees in hour,

but I get approximatelly 240 degrees in hour.


The following IMU's registers are configured:

CONFIG      = 0x00c0

DEC_RATE    = 0x000a (resulting 224 Hz)

EKF_CNFG    = 0x0309

FILTR_BNK_0 = 0x5b6d (all FIRs are enable and bank B is chosen)

FILTR_BNK_1 = 0x0b6d (-//-)

I read from the IMU at about 230 Hz.

Also, the IMU starts (more than 2 seconds) stationary (no vibration).

I check PROD_ID and FIRM_REV and they are equal 0x4060 and 0x0202 accordingly (reading works OK).


I had two tests:

a) 10 minutes running stationary

(gyr angles is integrated gyro values divided by reading frequency (230 Hz)).


b) The IMU is restarted and carefully and slowly rotated twice on the X axis by 90 degrees.

I can see that Euler angles also shifted by 10 degrees.


Please see the plots generated in attached archive.