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ADD5211 LED Driver SPEC. Issue

Question asked by Jacky-chen-2 on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by Jon.Kraft

Dear Sir:

I study ADD5211 LED Driver now. check ADD5211 PrA Datasheet have may question. pls see below. thanks


Q1:The Figure 2. "dimming control". This function how to control it? not have any description in this document. can you tell me control it? It can be divided into the number of maximum stages. ex max is 4 stages PWM*30% , PWM*60% , PWM*80% , PWM*100%....etc


Q2:Have any testing report for this chip about electrical characteristics of the test conditions and data have any detailed information?ex:VIN = 12 V, EN = high, TA = −25°C to +85°C, ..etc test report


Q3:ADD5211 FB1 To FB4, I can FB1 and FB2 connection to use it? Iout current maximum 400mA it's right?


Q4: In this document not have any H/W schematic design / layout guideline and external component selection guild. can you tell me how to selection it and design ?


Q5:I check ADD5211 Web page description contrast with ADD5211 PrA. Datasheet found many unreasonable ex: ADI website show Vout maximum +80V but ADD5211 Datasheet Table 1. rating Show FB1~FB4 maximum +55V. another ADI ADD5211 website show Max Current Per String (mA) 200mA/CH but ADD5211 datasheet Figure 4. Show 100mA/CH….etc, a lot of data has a problem. which one is right.



Q6:what time have official ADD5211 Ver:A Datasheet can release? Have any dependable H/W document can provide to me design?



Best Regards,