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Problems in 800*600@60HZ VGA signals

Question asked by acc700 on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 14, 2013 by DaveD


I'm using BF548 and ADV7123 to generate a 800*600@60HZ VGA signal to drive a computer screen or projector. The horizontal timing and vertical timing I settled is as follows:

clock frequency: 40HZ

*pEPPI0_CONTROL = 0x6C136E2E;

*pEPPI0_LINE = 1056;
*pEPPI0_FRAME = 628;
*pEPPI0_FS1W_HBL = 128;
*pEPPI0_FS1P_AVPL = 1056;
*pEPPI0_HDELAY = 215;

*pEPPI0_HCOUNT = 800;
*pEPPI0_FS2W_LVB = 1056*4;
*pEPPI0_FS2P_LAVF = 1056*628;
*pEPPI0_VDELAY = 26;
*pEPPI0_VCOUNT = 600;


What I settled and expected to see from the screen was a whole green picture, while the picture I got was a stripe. The picture is attached.

What the problem might be? Thank you for your attention and help.