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How to use the ppi driver correctly on vdsp++5.0

Question asked by samson on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 29, 2013 by samson

Hello everyone,

  I have a problem with how to use the ppi driver correctly on vdsp++5.0 update 10.

  the problem is as below,


  When i use the ppi driver to get image from my camera ,i got the image and view on "Image viewer" on vdsp++,

but the Image is not correct(see the attachment). It seems to be piecing together with several frame of image,parts of one frame is above,parts of another frame is midlle,parts of another frame is below...

  But when i use the ppi(no device driver and no system services is used),then the image is captured correct .


  My platform:


  vdsp++5.0 update 10.1


  cclk: 525MHz

  sclk: 131.25MHz



   pixel clock:62.45MHz