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adi_flag service and Ethernet on BF527

Question asked by vix on Oct 5, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2009 by CraigG

I found out a problem developing a project with VDK and ethernet, but fortunately after an intensive step-by-step debugging I'm able to reproduce and describe it with a simple example.

I have a custom board with BF527, and I use PH15 pin as a General purpose output: I want to toggle it for debug purposes.


I slightly modified the \LAN\INETD VisualDSP++ 5.0 Update 6 supplied example to int the adi_flag service and to toggle PH15.


The pin doesn't toggle if I don't call the instructions


after the

result = adi_dev_Control (

in the system_init( ) function.


For my software init process I follow the guidelines from ADI help

  1. Interrupt control  service
  2. External bus  interface unit
  3. Power management  service
  4. Port control (if  applicable)
  5. Deferred callback  service
  6. DMA manager service
  7. Programmable flag  service
  8. Timer service
  9. Real-time clock  service
  10. Semaphore service
  11. PWM service (if  applicable)

then the supplied example initializes the LAN, but after that the PH15 pin doesn't toggle.

But if I re-open the adi_flag service again (after ADI_ETHER_CMD_START command) everything works fine.


Is this an expected behaviour?