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UART Boot on ADSP-BF537

Question asked by bhanu on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2013 by sujan5614
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    I am trying to boot the BF537 EZlite kit through the UART boot mode. for this i have changes the SW16 on the board to position 7. in the cross core tool chain i have selected the the following and project options and build the LDR file.

  1. cross core black fine loader general setting i have changed the following
  2. boot mode - UART
  3. boot format - binary
  4. output width - 8 bits
  5. programmable flag - none
  6. and in build artifacts i have selected the type as loader file.


i am using he LDR viewr utility to connect to the board and am able to transfer the ldr file to the board. but i don't see the program running. i have build the audio loopback example provided with BF537 kit, which work fine when debugging from cross core tools in the DXE format. In the UART boot mode i don't see the audio loopback working as i do not hear the audio fed into the line in on the line out side.


is there any other setting i need to do get this example working.