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Surround Sound Volume Control, what does it do ?

Question asked by rperkins on Oct 5, 2009
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the 144x includes a "Surround Sound Volume Control" on SigmaStudio. The documentation states

"The Surround   Sound Volume Control block enables positioning of source elements relative   to a listener head."


Forgive me for my lack of understanding, but I am wondering what it does.  I was hoping it added small amounts of delay to the speakers that were positioned closer to the listeners head, in order to improve imaging (phasing).  However I created a very large room and positioned the speakers to require the maximum delay, but when I compiled the program, it doesnt seem enough resources are reserved to accommodate the necessary delay.

I'm assuming it takes 1ms of delay for each foot of distance per speaker that said speaker is closer to the 'sweet spot'(head) than the furthest speaker.


also this 'volume control' doesnt have any "knob' on it, so I'm confused if it makes gain adjustments.


on a related note I think

the readme included with the application mentions "enhancements for SigmaStudio3.1.8".

The one I am interested in is "beta version of phase response for transfer function window using probe/stimuli"

My limited understanding is an analog 3rd order buttersworth filter is neutral to the phase but that most other manipulations of the audio shift the phase of the output



ultimately I want the appropriate delay (per speaker) either manually programmed into my application, or to be computed with the  aid of a mic input.

also if the dsp shifts the phase of an input signal, I'd like to account for that also.  this is all to improve the imaging of the output to the primary listener at the sweat spot.


thanks for your patience with me.





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