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Isolation circuit for ade 7880 evaluation

Question asked by anur on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by anur

Hello all


I am using only SPI protocol to r/w ade registers

I have a confusion with isolation circuit given in ade7880 evaluation:


In the isolation circuit:

we have pm0,pm1,reset,hsa,irq0,irq1,sb_enb,cf1,cf2,cf3,wp,mosi,miso,ss,sclk.


Firstly what is the utility of sb_enb and wp pins?Are these pins required to be connected to MC?


Secondly I am using normal mode(psm mode 0), so i need to connect PM1 to low(gnd) and PM0 unconnected(active high).So is it required in isolation ckt.


Thirdly,Is there any need of pins CF1, CF2/HREADY ,CF3/HSCLK in isolation ckt. to be connected to MC?(as i am not using HSDC interface).

If i am using CF pins for meter calibration.So is it required for these pins to be connected to MC ?


Fourth,As i am not using hsdc interface so is there any need for hsa pin in isolation ckt?


So according to my requirements,I would be using:

mosi,miso,ss,sclk------for SPI

reset---------for s/w reset

irq0,irq1------for handling interrupts

in the isolation ckt for connection to MC.


Please help me to solve this matter.


Thanks and Regards