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ade 7880 beginner's design

Question asked by anur on May 10, 2013
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I am trying to design a simplest energy meter using ade 7880 with SPI communication.

I am using ss,miso,mosi,sclk pins of ade7880 for SPI communication.


I have following doubt:


What all pins (from the below mentioned) in ade 7880 are not required(compulsorily) for control through programming or not required to be controlled by a micro-controller ?


What if i leave the above pins disconnected.

What if i am not handling any interrupt issues?

What if i am not using software reset?

Right now i just want to read/write registers through SPI (like an eeprom say). and just need to take the energy readings from the 7880 registers and store it in a memory.


what should be my minimum requirement to begin with ade 7880?


Please help me if it is feasible or not?