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Faking to write on the non-existed SDRAM

Question asked by nigong on May 9, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by Nabeel

Hi all,


I am trying to fake the write on the non-existed SDRAM.


I am using a BF533 processor with 64MB SDRAM. The BF533 can support up to 128MB SDRAM.

I want to be able to write to the upper 64MB SDRAM (non-existed) so that the Address bus, Data bus, CS, CAS, RAS and WE signals will appear as I were writing the lower 64MB SDRAM (existed). The Address bus, Data bus, CAS, RAS and WE signals are the same as I were accessing the lower SDRAM, but the CS probably is from another pin of the Blackfin.


It is basically the same as I am adding one more 64MB SDRAM chip onto the Blackfin. How do I configure the Blackfin to know the upper 64MB SDRAM is "available"? I have tried configure the Project Options -> LDF Settings -> External Memory -> 128MB. However, the Blackfin sends no signals on those lines.


Any thoughts?