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Multichannel Receive SPORT DMA issue

Question asked by anemat on Oct 2, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2010 by gvasanth
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I am trying to interface BF527 SPORT to receive multichannel data (8 16bit channels) from an external source (DDC).  I want to use the DMA to buffer a number of data samples before interrupting the CPU using ping pong buffereing scheme between DMA and CPU.  I have been digging through but can't find an example that does something similar.  I have the attached code that works for the most part, data gets through SPORT and DMA fills the buffers but the DMA call back never returns and remains in an infinite nesting ISR loop.  The result is that the CPU (whil (1) loop) never gets to run (processBufferCount stuck at 1 and processErrorCount keeps incrementing).  Can someone help me find an example or take a look at the code and comment what could be wrong here?  Thanks