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What silicon revision in Latest BF533 EZ-Lite kit

Question asked by MikeSmithCanada on May 8, 2013
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In order to keep my laboratories going in the Windows 7 64-bit environment I have to replace a number of older BF533 Silicon 0.2 Ez-kit boards.


What silicon revision will the new boards have? What will be the main compatability issues with the revision 0.5 silicon of the other boards I am using.


The BF533 boards are several years old but giving good service -- however a problem I do have is with the audio chips. Despite the fact that the students are (should be) just connecting to the chips with the output from the desk-top PC head-phone jack or their mobile phone, we are losing several a term. We are re-soldering replacements, but that can just be done so many times. 


The failure rate seems to have gone up recently when we moved the boards from one laboratory enclosure to another. These are large enclosures 4'x4'x2' but the latest enclosure is smaller than before with more other equipment in the lab. Do you think we have a heating problem, or just the standard bath-tub die rate due to age or we are simply doing too much damage when replacing the chips so they fail early. I think my best course of action is to also replace all 0.5 boards where we have previously had audio chip problems.



Mike Smith