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Application specific script test with ADV7619 eval board

Question asked by sban on May 8, 2013
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I want to check "test script" ( specific to my application- written by us) with ADV7619 eval board.


For this purpose i followed following steps:


1. I lifted ADV main I2C lines and connected them to JP1& JP2 with wire and power up the board.


                    In this case BF524 will program/configure ADV7619 & ADV7511.


2. I Removed ADV I2C lines from JP1 & JP2.


3. My plan was to reset ADV7619 manually, program "test script"   and check image on display


but..... Here is my observation:


1. Image is gone from display after disconnecting ADV main I2C from the Jumpher.


This looks like that ADV7511 is disabled by BF524 as there is no control on ADV7619.


Please suggest how can i check "test script".



Sandeeep Bansal