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VisualDSP++ project to CCES

Question asked by Jeroen_ on May 8, 2013
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I am new to VisualDSP++ and CrossCore. I have a VisualDSP++ project with a BF512 which is using VisualDSP++ Blackfin services and drivers ( SLL 1.0). Now I would like to run the project in CrossCore. I created a new project in CCES and put my files in it and I can build my project. But then I get al lot of errors that some headerfile could not be found and identifier "xxxx" is undefined.


headerfiles like:





I found here that in CCES SLL 2.0 is used. So that the drivers and services are changed. Now is my question:

How do I need to change it?

Where can I found what the new files are and the new identifiers?