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Cross compile error...

Question asked by on May 8, 2013
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    I really need some help for cross compilation as I am try to compile Pocketsphinx on to BF 548 EZ-KT. When I run my own compile version, it shows this error on the blackfin console:


ad_oss.c(103): Failed to open audio device(plughw:0,0): No such file or directory

FATAL_ERROR: "continuous.c", line 246: Failed to open audio device


    I have been following "Cross Compiling Applications" in the quick start guide ( ). I am using the Blackfin live DVD provided and Pocketsphinx-0.8. There is a pre-compile demo of Pocketsphinx in the DVD. When I run the demo, the program works perfectly. But when I run my own, it shows the error above. I think uClinux distribution is set correctly. Should be somewhere wrong with the host environment or the command.


  Please help me with this problem. Thanks a lot.


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