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AD9914 eval board software bugs?

Question asked by abarry on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by abarry

We have loaded the AD9914 eval board software onto a PC running Windows XP Pro (32 bit), and have noticed a problem with the GUI.  When we click on any of the check boxes, no check mark is displayed.  The software continues to operate as if they are checked.


The other problem appears to be a problem rounding or computing the P and N parameters on the DRG control tab.  I have a 12.5 MHz clock feeding the board, multiplied by 200 to generate a 2.5GHz sysclk.  If I type in a 9.6 ns step time by entering 0.0096 in the us field, it computes 0 for the P or N parameter.  I can fix that by manually entering 1 there.