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2-opamp peak detector analysis

Question asked by mashkov on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2013 by mashkov

Hi all,

I'm looking for engineering analysis of 2-opamp peak detector schematics (as we can see at p.19 of AD8033_34 datasheet). The questions are:

1) How to calculate required op-amp parameters (such as BW and SR) if I have input frequency range and maximum error?

2) How to calculate frequency compensation (R3, C3 and C4)?

3) Can I use CFB op-amp as input op-amp (placing Rfb resistor in series with D1)?


I need 10Hz-1MHz freq. range, 2-16 Vp-p sinewave input peak detector with 0.2-0.3% error.