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char array initialization and truncation anomaly

Question asked by snoopy on May 8, 2013
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I struck this weird anomaly using the STL string container. Building up a string by appending characters to it would truncate after the 128 th character and lose any additional characters. I thought the problem was with string container but then I back tracked a bit and found the problem can occur by initializing a character pointer with a null terminated string array.


For example try this


char *message="123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890";


and watching the assignment in VDSP the last two characters ("90") are knocked off the end.


same thing happens with the string container


string message="123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890";


but assigning it to a character array it appears to allocate the correct amount of memory with no truncation


char message[]="123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890123457890";


I am using Visual DSP 5 update 10.1 on a custom board with a ADSP-21489. The problem also shows up in the simulator.