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EVAL-AD7760EDZ, supplied voltage for AD7760

Question asked by usaghi on May 7, 2013
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I have received a question/confirmation from a customer, that he measured/observed 5.9V of supplied voltage for AD7760 on EVAL-AD7760EDZ.

He mentioned he used standard multi meter at AVDD2 thru-hole with grounding at J2-2, and AVDD3 and AVDD4 are same.

So it seems this supply on EVB is exceeding AD7760 specification which requires 5.25V.  Could you please confirm whether it is good or not.


At the same time, the customer also using EVAL-CED1Z, and attached AC adapter(P/NEMSA060300-P5P-SZ) seems 6V supply voltage, despite documents shows 7V power supply. Please also confirm whether it is good.


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