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Problems with ADIS16265 EVAL Board ...

Question asked by ritchie on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2013 by ritchie

Hi everybody,


I am just working on the implementation of a ADIS16265 Gyro into my roboter application and a have problems

with the readings of the Evaluation board.


The Board is sending sometimes stupid values.

i.e: I am asking for the voltage of the board and get  values between 1.9 ... 4.9 Voltage back.

Sometime, the board is sending for a long time the correct value, which is around 4.95 Voltage,

Which I check with a oscilloscope. The ripple is around 5mV, which should be o.k. as well.


The diagnosis status is saying as well, that it is low power on the chip (sometimes).

It is a LGA mounted chip and I can only check the voltage up the connector of the board, which is fine.

Not on the controller directly.


Does somebody has bad experience with this chip as well ?


Or can this behaviour happen by a software failure. Communication to a other SPI Client is running well.


Is the a test program existing for a atmega - controller, where I can check, if it is a software or Hardware failure.


Best regards