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Startup file and correct linker script for ADUCRF101

Question asked by kfejes on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on May 8, 2013 by kfejes

Hi all,

I'm using ADUCRF101 eval board, and i would like to set up a developer toolset on Ubuntu Linux, with CodeSourcery compiler and Eclipse IDE. I found examples, how to blink a led (it works), and printf to write to UART (it works too). But CMSIS static inline functions like NVIC_EnableIRQ, or interrupts not worked. The program hanged everytime, when I call some of these functions. For example NVIC_EnableIRQ(SysTick_IRQn).

So this is where I am,  and I have no idea what I missed.


Here is my startup and linker files, I found them here, but I tried to modify for my eval board:


Can you tell me, how to make a correct linker script, startup script, and how to use these core_cm3.h  inline functions? (or better, pass me, if you have a working copy)


PS: Sorry for my poor, and bad english, i am not a native speaker.