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A issue about ext detector input standard RMS compressor

Question asked by cadie on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on May 6, 2013 by BrettG


      i am do a audio product with ADAU1446, now i have a issue about compressor. please see below description.


1. our requirement

   a) a compressor with threshold and ratio adjustable

   b) a LED will illuminate when audio signal is over threshold 

2. my schematic 

   I use a ext detector input standard RMS compressor,  and a running average envlop to implement above function.



  a) cause i do not know the compressor algorithm, so i want to ask if above schematic can do when audio siganl is over threshold, LED will illuminate and compressor start to compress are the same time??

  b) Could you descript detailed compressor algorithm ? when i adjust threshold or ratio, MCU need download 34 parameters, Could i decrease some parameters??