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Interfacing the ADXL345 with MSP430F5438A per 4 wire SPI

Question asked by roc on May 6, 2013
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by neilzhao



I am trying to connect the ADXL345 to my MSP430F5438A per 4 wire SPI. My first step was to receive the correct ID of the ADXL345 and to get in the next step the right informations of the different axes.


The problem is that I can only receive a  right ID of 0xE5 in every second run of the Code. I checked it out with breakpoints (see also the screenshots). Why is this happaning?

Is the Code right?I putted copy of a part of my Code in the text file. I also added 2 Screenshots of the different results.


Can somebody help me or give me some helpful advice?


Thanks and Greetings!