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Problems with compilation of pppd-2.4.5

Question asked by MichaelWd on May 6, 2013
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I'm using buildroot-2012R2-RC5 (the latest from Blackfin Koop) and I have problems with compilation of pppd-2.4.5. The linker fails with "undefined reference to _fork" message. Well it's normal - we do not have fork() on blackfin. The strange thing is that I found a thread (from 2008) considering pppd-2.4.4 and a patch that made that package compatible with no-mmu systems. The patch introduced -DNOMMU flag and some other things. The modifications are absent for 2.4.5 from current buildroot.

Is there any way to change the version of the package the buildroot uses? Or is there any FAQ or other manual about compilation of packages outside buildroot (I did not not find any - blame me if I am blind :-))?


Generally it seems that we have many more problems with latest buildroot. The things that I've noticed are: gdbserver could not be used with serial connection (version 6.6 have broken serial support), pppd-2.4.5 is not compatible with no-mmu systems, lrzsz-0.12.20 can not allocate any memory and always fails "with out of memory" (this one I have to investigate), some other packages that I do not remember also do not compile. I will try to solve some of these problems, but it is generally problematic. Anyway it seems that for some of the packages problems are already solved, but for other version that buildroot uses.


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