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AD9957 DAC Data rate (symbol rate)?

Question asked by Karami on May 5, 2013
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according to AD9957 data sheet, the maximum input data rate is 250MSPS. so, The input to the AD9957 is an 18-bit parallel data port in QDUC mode or interpolating DAC mode. In QDUC mode, it is assumed that two consecutive 18-bit words represent the real (I) and imaginary (Q) parts of a complex number of the form, I + jQ.

I have a question:

Is symbol rate 250MSPS or rate of each branch I & Q  ?

Is data rate of (each branch) I or Q is 125MSPS?


In other words, CAN I TRANSFER 250MHz BANDWIDTH via FPGA to AD9957 ? (or it is limited by 125MHz bandwidth?)

So, my graphical question has been attached