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The electric test of ADAU1701 PCB(latuchup?)

Question asked by Shinichiro.Taga on May 3, 2013
Latest reply on May 10, 2013 by BrettG

Please help me.


Now, I am testing the pcb(adau1701).


Tests are [IEC61000-4-2(static electricity)] and [IEC61000-4-4(transient / burst)].


A problem is not in normal operation.


[IEC61000-4-4(level 3)] cannot be passed.

Latchup is started in an input port and operation is stopped.
(Reset is ineffective.)


The measure against latchup is required.


Would you teach the specification(details) of IO PIN (POWER/RESET/CLK PIN) of ADAU1701?


I would like to check whether resistance is contained in whether it is entered whether the protection diode is contained.