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ADuC7060 ADC SF weirdness

Question asked by canalrun on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by MMA


I am using the A/DuC7060 evaluation board. Currently I am just playing with the different functions – especially the ADC. I am using the example project Primary_ADC.UV2, used with Keil, that came with the kit.


I am modifying the SF parameter to change the sample frequency with a 100 Hz square wave input signal.


I get strange results when I modify SF. For SF=7, the value used in the example, I get reasonable looking results. For SF=3 and SF=F (hex) I also get reasonable looking results. But, when I set SF to 5, 8, E, and a few other larger values that I've tried, I get ADC samples that are all zeros.


I figure I got to be missing something., Am I mis-configuring the ADC? Within the example I just change the value of SF. My ultimate desired sample rate will be in the 2KSPS to 6KSPS area.