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1761 parameters loading problem

Question asked by genp on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 3, 2013 by BrettG

I am working with ADAU1761, interfacing it to the microcontroller by 8 MHz SPI.

According to the application I need to update the whole parameter RAM by the external command.

Sets of parameters (6) are stored on a microcontroller as arrays copied from Sigma DSP exported files.

For verification I read one byte from the DSP after parameters loading (byte is uinique to each parameters array).


I've noticed that in about 10-20% parameter ram is not loaded (byte is not verified).

Then I've started to write parameters 4 bytes at a time, verifying right after writing and retrying up to 5 times.

I saw that when parameter loading fails, it does so on the very first packet.

According to the datasheet first 8 addresses of the parameter RAM are reserved for safeload parameters,

so I've started to write parameters starting from address 8.

Situation improved significantly, but still in about 5-10% the very first word does not verify.


Seems like something else effects parameter RAM updating.

Will appreciate any help with the issue.