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Does linear acceleration effect on bias depend on sign of acceleration?

Question asked by drclaw on May 2, 2013
Latest reply on May 7, 2013 by NevadaMark

Hi There,

I am interested in using the ADIS16445 for my application.


According to the spec sheet, the Linear Acceleration effect on bias is +/- 0.015deg/s/g. Does this mean a positive acceleration will give a positive bias shift and  negative acceleration will give a negative bias shift? Or does it mean this parameter is a statistical one, and the effect of acceleration is only based on magnitude and not the sign.?


For example:

Position 1:     X axis gyro/accelerometer is parallel with gravity(eg pointing down), accelerometer reads 1g (stationary).

Position 2:     X axis gyro/accelerometer is anti-parallel to gravity (eg pointing up). accelerometer reads -1g (stationary).


What is the difference in bias on the x axis gyro in this situation? Is it:

0deg/s (no net change in acceleration magnitude)? Or

0.030deg/s (difference of 2g times the parameter)?


I hope my question is clear, your response is appreciated.