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What's wrong with RXCML in AD9963?

Question asked by rainustc on May 1, 2013
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   I'm using AD9963 just like the datasheet(AD9963BCPZR) shows in Figure 42, DC-Coupled with ADA4937, but when I first use the spetial sequence to configure RXCML like this

   addr  value

   0x05 0x03

   0x0F 0x02

   0xFF 0x01

   0x05  0x00


  With the external 32MHz CMOS clock , I  see a  ~17.6MHz clock on RXCML pin, but not the 1.4V voltage, I really don't konw what's wrong  with RXCML pin configuration , Can I get some suggestion from Analog?


   In the following, If I confiure addr 0x7e to 0x01, I can see a 1.76V DC voltage on RXCML, so, if this is right, Can I use this common voltage to drive ADA4937 with AD9963?



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   From Rain