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Regarding ADSP-BF53x_EZ_KIT_Lite Layout

Question asked by 218024828 on Apr 30, 2013
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Is there any documentation talking about the multiple drop bus layout of blackfin processor? for example within a multiple processors system the blackfin will share bus with other processors (be ware this is not a single processor to use multiple memory like 1 Processor+2 DDR), to properly terminate the bus will ensure the system reliability.


1. I checked the, the blackfin ezkit didn't use any terminations to interface sdram/flash bus, nor

on the layout. The ezkit layout has many vias along a bus line, which you can say is unavoidable, fine, but a better practice like termination

should be implemented.


2. there are daisy-chain + end termination, star, or T termination for multiple drop bus layout, does Analog Devices provide some



3. Unlike the VME or PCI backplane shared bus layout, the blackfin + multiple processors + shared bus should have an easier layout.

Do we need to borrow technique from other backplane design?


give us some suggestions. thanks.