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Ican'tCompile AD1939_I2S_Sampled_Based_Talkthru in CrossCore(21489)

Question asked by BlackBeauty on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by CraigG

Hello, I have installed CrossCore successfully a couple of days ago. But i have been not able to compile an audio example project.

I have played with simple examples, debugging and plotting results.


Now i am trying to compile a i2S audio project based in 21469 AD1939_I2S_Sampled_Based_Talkthru in CrossCore but making changes to match 21489 specifications, having into account the VisualDSP21489 example (i got to write audio routines with VisualDSP (filter, delays, etc).

I think that also understand how to manage interrupts with ADI.


I have problems with:

*Interrupts sentences are not detected.

*in SRU: Compiler does not detect SRU includes. I have tried a lot of includes conbinations.

*ADDs have all important includes, and it is included in main. But i have to add all includes in every .c or .h file.


Also have problems sometimes testing the board getting "x" in every checkbox. But sometimes no. There is any order to test the board in debug configuration, also to add the load file??.


I need to resolve this matter asap in order to keep on working in my tasks. If not i would have to comeback to VisualDSP


I include my project.