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AD1939 BCLK in I2S mode

Question asked by mmohang on Apr 30, 2013
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I am trying to configure ADC and DAC of AD1939 codec in slave mode on 21469 EZ-Board with I2S mode and bit width of 16-bits. I am generating BCLK and LRCLK from external source (LRCLK @ 48000Hz and BCLK @ 2*16*48000=1.536MHz). But it is not working (no audio). But if I configure AD1939 in master mode in I2S and bit width of 16-bit, it is working (audio talkthrough). AD1939 in master mode, I've probed BCLK on scope and found that it is running at 3.072MHz. But theoretically it should be at 1.536MHz, I think!


Is it fixed that BCLK = 3.072MHz @ 48KHz LRCLK in AD1939? Can anyone please help me?


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