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Image Processing On BF-561

Question asked by Zubair on Apr 30, 2013
Latest reply on May 18, 2013 by Zubair


I have tested example "Video Input-Output (C)" on BF-561 BF561 Ez kit lite. It works good. Now I want to perform some image negative algorithm in this example. Where I have to write this code


int indx;

        for(indx = 0; indx<Frame_Size;indx++)


            sFrame0[indx] = 255 - sFrame0[indx];

            sFrame1[indx] = 255 - sFrame1[indx];

            sFrame2[indx] = 255 - sFrame2[indx];

            sFrame3[indx] = 255 - sFrame3[indx];




I mean in the interrupt service routine or in the "PPI0_Init". or any where else.. Can Any any body tell me ????





Zubair Abdullah