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ADE7758 VRMS and IRMS Scaling

Question asked by pico20191 on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by hmani

Are there LSB's or other scaling factors that need to be applied to the values read from the VRMS and IRMS registers to get real world V and I?


I don't see this in the spec. 


I am using some numbers I calculated myself to adjust the VRMS and IRMS register values in order to get current and voltage values that are close to real-world readings.  Unfortunately these don't work across the range of the meter.  Also, the error is not a constant offset that can be adjusted with VRMSOS or IRMSOS.


Could someone please provide an example of how to turn the register values into real world V and I readings?  If I have missed it in the spec, can you point me to the right section?