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ADV7511 not I2C compliant?

Question asked by havar.beyrer on Apr 30, 2013
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We are currently experiencing random I2C access issues (no reply / bus hang) in a system with both ADV7511 and ADV7842. By experience we know that the processor we are using utilize the extreme case of 0 ns hold time which is allowed by the I2C standard - however not ideal.


The ADV7511 specifies 100 ns SDA hold time and hence every now and then we experince I2C issues either when accessing  this component or it will interfere with others.


We are aware of the tuning of pull-up resistors or adding capacitance on the line but does not find this acceptable for delaying more than 100 ns to meet the ADV711 requirement, or 300 ns to bridge the undefined region as defined by the I2C standard.