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first step with fmcomms and ml605

Question asked by LKmi on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by DragosB



I try to work with the fmcomms1-ebz and ml605 cards but i'm blocked since a week.


I followed the first steps of the quick start given by the user guide.

My first goal is to run your exemple program.



  • I downloaded the no-OS-master and fpgahdl_xilinx-master packages.
  • I copy SDK_WORKSPACE, I copy the no-OS driver source code into SDK_WORKSPACE/sw/SRC
  • I Launche SDK, and I import the existing Project


SDK try to build the project but there are some errors and warnings that I can't explain...

I noticed that there are differences between my project explorer windows and yours (on the wiki) 


Would I forget a step?