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BF54x USB host mass storage reconnect..

Question asked by demonb on Apr 29, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2013 by demonb

Hi, everyone!


As I mentioned in previous thread, we are trying to work with flash drives over USB on our BF547m based board.

We faced an issue with USB device reconnect.

What we do is:

1) Enable device, configure USB;

2) USB flash drive can be already inserted or we can insert it after USB initialization - doesn't matter, for the first time USB drive is up and working, we are getting adi_fss_Poll() = 0;

3) Write or read data, or do nothing.

4) Disconnect USB flash drive(DISCONNECT event is generated in driver, looks like it works like it should).

5) Connect USB Flash Drive again.

6) Device enumeration begins but hangs on 1st descriptor request.

7)  adi_fss_Poll() returns 1, flash drive is not active..


So, Did anybody meet such problem?

On bf548-ezkit, can somebody check reconnect future?


Thank you.