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Interfacing with AD799x series ADCs

Question asked by liubenyuan on Apr 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by liubenyuan

Hi, all


I wonder if anyone had success with the Digilent PMODAD2 ? The pmodAD2 has a ADI AD7991 ADC with a I2C interface. However the demo provided by Digilent can not work with Lx9Micro board. Any Suggestions ?


BTW : can I config the I2C using the diagram in the attachments ? The program in the diagram worked as follows, it first write the address with 0101000 + 0, and data 00110000, then wait for 1024 clock cycles. after that, it write SDA with address 0101000 + 1, and read first half and second half data into the dout.




liu benyuan