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adv212 code buffer

Question asked by on Apr 28, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by DaveD

dear Dave

i want to work with adv 212 in custom specific mode and i want to read code data from code fifo with a very slow rate becase of my hardware constraints. i want to give frames to adv212 one by one not consequently, that means when i gave one frame to adv i will read the encoded image completely and then i start giving the next frame to adv212. my original image size is :1024*600 (10 bit).

i read before in your website that overflow in code fifo causes the adv hang. i found no information about the size of code fifo in your presented documents for ADV to determine the minimum rate which i can use to read the code data in my application before overflow in code fifo occures.


i want to compress my image with ratio 2:1. so i need rather 300 kB code fifo. does adv212 have this memory in its code fifo to keep my encoded data until i read those data?


another question is as follows:

for the above image what values i should set in RCVAL and RCTYPE to access rather  2:1 compressio ratio?