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SDI of ADN4604

Question asked by Jacky-zheng on Apr 27, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by daverowe


SDI is video interface,I'm not sure it's suitable for asking questions on video title or not,if it's not,I don't know where is suitable for this,so I start at here first.

I'm using ADN4604 to switch and copy SDI(2.97Gbps) signals,The top length of coaxial cable is 60m,there are 16 equalizers(one per input SDI interface) in it,I want to know these equalizers can deal with SDI interface directly or not? Or these SDI signals must be equalized outside ADN4604.


I can see a parameter which named "Equalizer boost control for input n" in the datasheet of ADN4604, it's 0db or 12db,Is there any relationship between it and cable length?