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ad9389b output shaking

Question asked by cdb on Apr 27, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by cdb

I'm experiencing a problem with the output on an ad9389b on some monitors.  Sometimes on some monitors at 1080p the output shakes.  Also the video will sometimes go black for a few seconds.  This doesn't happen on every monitor.  I have enabled the DE generator, I am using RGB 444 with external syncs (not embedded syncs).  This problem doesn't happen every time.  It's very intermittent. My register writes are:


0x41 0x10

0xaf 0x04

0xa1 0x3c

0x0c 0x00

0x0d 0x10

0x12 0x20

0x14 0x02

0x15 0x20

0x3c 0x00

0x47 0x80

0x51 0x03

0xa5 0x04

0xab 0x40

0xc9 0x03

0x46 0x98

0x41 0x10

0xcd 0x04

0x98 0x07

0x9c 0x38

0x9d 0x61

0x9f 0x70

0xa2 0x87

0xa3 0x87

0x40 0xe0

0x0a 0x07

0x15 0x20

0x44 0x18

0xba 0xf0

0xbb 0xff

0x35 0x30

0x36 0x69

0x37 0x0f

0x38 0x00

0x39 0x43

0x3a 0x80

0x48 0x00

0x49 0x00

0x4a 0xff

0x4b 0xff

0x4c 0x00

0x4d 0x00

0x4e 0xff

0x4f 0xff

0x50 0x20

0x45 0x0e

0x16 0x00

0x17 0x63

0xa1 0x00