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Using SPI (from FPGA) to control AD9914 for single tone output

Question asked by petelu on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by Y3G

Hi I have an evaluation card for the AD9914 DDS (AD9914/PCBZ) but wanted the FPGA to control the DDS to generate a simple single tone from one Profile registers. However I did not see any output after setting up the registers. Below are my sequence o commands


I set up the SPI sequence of the following:


1) Upon power up, issue Reset (Reset_Buf)

2) Write to register 0x03 to enable DAC Calibration (bit 24 = '1')

3) Write to register 0x03 again to clear DAC Cal (bit 24 ='0')

4) Write to register 0x01 to enable Profile Mode Enable

5) Write to register 0x0B to set up Profile 0 Frequency tuning word

6) Write to register 0x0C to set up Amplitude scale

7) Pulse IOUpdate


Does that sequence seem resonable or am I missing something?