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AD5933 setup

Question asked by vincenzopitt on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by musach

Good morning everybody,


I`m working on the AD5933 board. I use a AD5933 board to read the impedance. First of all I set up the program inserting the value of the known resistance in the reference of the calibration impedance -resistor value R1-. Afterwards the program reads the correct value of impedance giving a constant value that correspond with the resistor`s one. The problem is that the program doesn`t read the correct value of impedance with another resistance, using the same set up. I have also tried to put two resistors in parallel with 46 kOhm each, and the impedance is not 23 kOhm, as I aspect, but always a constant value a little bit lower than the one of the set up (46kOhm in this case). In other words could somebody tell me each steps to set correctly the program to read the correct impedance?


Thanks in advance