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How to set the coreB start address in CCES

Question asked by HoJuly on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by StuH


    I have combined u-boot and BF609_MCAPI_msg_CORE1.dxe as "test_mcapi.html" said: use the below command, and set boot-mode to nor flash to start the system.


bfin-elf-ldr -T bf609-0.0 -c DualCoreTest_uboot.ldr u-boot BF609_MCAPI_msg_CORE1.dxe --bmode PARA --use-vmas --initcode arch/blackfin/cpu/initcode.o  -J --punchit $((0x8000)):$((0x8000)):env-ldr.o


In CCES, the setting is:


Does "Internal memory" means:  CORE1.dxe running from L2 SRAM?  ------The size of L2 SRAM in BF609 is 256kB, Will CORE1.dxe fail to start If the code size of CORE1.dxe is bigger than 256kB ?


If I set "Internal memory" to "custom 0x0700 0000"(In bf609-ezkit, the size of DDR2 is 128M), Will CORE1.dxe start at the place in DDR2?