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AD9889B: RGB Quantization Range setting

Question asked by ynakata Employee on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by ynakata

An user is making a certain trial product with AD9889B*.

* I know our recommendation Tx part for new design is NOT AD9889 BUT ADV7511/3 and have already let the customer know it.

  It's still a concept and they haven't decided whether the product will be released to the market actually.

  First, they are just going to make a simple protorype for functional verification or something by reusing circuit design they have

  already designed & parts in which they have had experiences.


They will support HDMI ver1.3 on the product.

Though they checked the programming guide of AD9889B (Rev.A, attached), they couldn't find relevant description about how to set the register of RGB Quantization Range of AVI info frame when they superimpose AVI/Audio info frame on video/audio signal.


The setting they would like to set is as below.


<AVI InfoFrame>

  RGB Quantization Range

-00     Default(depends on video format)

-01     Limited

-10      Full Range

-11      Reserved


Could you please tell how to set it concretely?