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failed to build mpeg4encbf609_Core0.ldf after add Initialization file

Question asked by on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2013 by CraigG


I want to test the mp4 encode performance of BF609 Evaluation.So I import mpeg4encbf609 project and build it with cces like the teaching video said but failed when get the mpeg4encbf609_Core0.ldf. I can only get mpeg4encbf609_Core0.dex build finish but failed to build mpeg4encbf609_Core0.ldf. It say that"

'Finished building: mpeg4encbf609_Core0.dxe'

' '

'Building target: mpeg4encbf609_Core0.ldr'

'Invoking: CrossCore Blackfin Loader'

elfloader.exe -proc ADSP-BF609 -si-revision 0.0 -b MEMORY -f hex -width 16 -init C:/Analog\ Devices/lfynew/BF609_init/BF609_init_v00/Debug/BF609_init_v00.dxe -bcode 0x6 -NoFinalTag="mpeg4encbf609_Core0.dxe" "..\..\mpeg4enc_Core1\Debug\mpeg4encbf609_Core1.dxe" -o mpeg4encbf609_Core0.ldr  mpeg4encbf609_Core0.dxe

[Error ld0095]: Unable to open file: BF609_init_v00.dxe.

make: *** [mpeg4encbf609_Core0.ldr] Error -1



**** Build Finished ****


If I don't add Initialization file named BF609_init_v00.dxe, I can finish the build and get the ldr file successfully. I don't know if the Initialization file is necessary ? If so, how can I fix this problem?